March 29, 2015 - علی شیراز
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UK’s first Urdu degree offered by Manchester Metropolitan University

Sheraz AliManchester Metropolitan University has become the first higher education institute in the UK to offer students the chance to earn a degree in Urdu.

From September, it will offer the language to students also reading international business and politics.

While shorter courses are available at other universities, this is the first time Urdu has been included in the title of an official degree.

About 100 million people speak it in the world, including 400,000 in the UK.

Sheraz Ali is one of the lecturers who will be teaching the new undergraduate degree course.

“There is a demand for Urdu-related jobs not just in this country but also in many others, especially within professions such as teaching and the health and legal sectors,” he said.

Mr Ali believed the course would attract students from different backgrounds and not just native speakers of the language.

He added: “The Urdu degree is open to everyone, not just people from the South Asian diaspora. We live in a multicultural society, where language isn’t only a pile of words but something which can bring people together.”

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